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Researched and provided by Larry Anklam.

Born to Conrad Fenhaus and Anna Knabel of Wiedenbruck, Prussia, on 2, 0ctober, 1841, Casper Fenhaus came to America with his family in the year 1854. They settled in the small farming community of Granville, Wisconsin, just a short distance north of Milwaukee. Shortly after his formal education was completed, he left the farm in order to enlist in the army in the year, 1861. Johannes Casper Fenhaus served 3 years, 3-2 months, during the Civil War, in the 1st. Regiment, company I, Wisconsin cavalry. He stood 5 feet, 8-2 inches tall, weighed 145 pounds, had a light complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair. The Wisconsin 1st cavalry fought in more then 35 major engagements during the Civil War.


Fenhaus Family


They were present during the battles of Chickamauga; Kenasaw mountain; and were also there to witness the capture of confederate president, Jefferson Davis, on 8, may, 1865, at Irwinsvill, Georgia.

It was during these war years that Casper Fenhaus became well acquainted, and best friends with, fellow cavalryman, and town of Berlin resident, Friedrich Aschbrenner. After the hostilities ended, Casper came home to Granville, Wisconsin in the year, 1865. It was by special invitation that he visited his friend from the township of  Berlin and was introduced to Freds sister; Mathilda Aschbrenner. And so it was that on the 27th of June, 1866, Casper Fenhaus and Mathilda Aschbrenner became husband and wife and permanent residents of Marathon County.

Casper Fenhaus became a very active participant in the affairs of the township of Berlin. A staunch republican, he became very well versed in the political arena. Besides being a school teacher, he also farmed, and held a wide variety of political jobs. Over the next 33 years he held the following offices in the township: postmaster, clerk, treasurer, assessor, justice of the peace, and constable.

As busy as he was he also found time to help his wife, Mathilda, in the raising of their nine children. 

It was in his 60th year that Casper decided to retire from farming and his active political activities and move to the city of Wausau.  Casper and Mathilda Fenhaus first appear in the Wausau city directory in the year, 1903, and their residence is listed as 318 north 4th avenue.

After the move to Wausau the Fenhauss became good friends with two other farm families and fellow civil war veterans who also moved to town.

Edward and Johanna (Prechel) Knorr, and Oswald and Julianna (Krueger) Plisch spent many hours in conversation and card playing with the Fenhaus’s.

Casper kept active as a charter member of Cutler post #55 of the Grand army of the Republic, giving speeches at many a Memorial Day Celebration. He was also very active in the activities of his church; St. Stephens Lutheran of Wausau, and was a member of the committee in charge of the erection of the present church.

The old soldier ( one of the last five remaining alive at the time in the Wausau Post ) passed away on 27, October, 1927, at the age of 86 years and 25 days. Mathilda went on to live another 12 years and passed away on 20, January, 1939, at the age of 91. They are both buried in Pine grove cemetery at Wausau, Wisconsin. Casper Fenhaus is the great grandfather of one of our Pomeranian Verein members: Donald Ernest Anklam.