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Platt Tied

The very origins of our Verein are tied to a desire to keep alive, to the extent possible, the Low German (Ost Pommersch Plattdüütsch) language we lived with in our homes and community growing up.  This was evident in the card game Sheepshead (Schaupskopp or Schafskopf) where playing the game in Low German seems natural.  This interest has remained a constant in our club and continues to the present with a sub-group of our members, entitled Platt Tied, who meet monthly to speak, hear, and learn about Low German language and related stories.

Some Platt Exercise Examples

This one had to do with translating phrases about summer time into Platt and then, as a group, make corrections or edits.

Summer Time - Sommer Tied

Summer Phrases-English Summer Phrases-Platt Summer Phrases-Platt, Corrected
Summer is a good time of the year. Sommer iss een gaude Tied vom johr.
Late in summer we go to the fair. Spoad im sommer goahe wi tum fair.
Soon the haying begins again. Bald fingt dat högen wedder an.
Many people will get married in June. Vääl lüüd warre in Juni verfriegt.
My dog has fear when it thunders outside. Miine hund het angst wenn dat buten dunnerd.
Years ago we went to church summer school. Frühe johr hevve wi noa kark sommer shoal hin gahn.
I hate to pull the weeds out from the garden. Ik hass dat unkrut vom goade ut trecken.
Many pretty flowers are beginning to bloom now. Vääl scheune blomen finge nu an tum blömen.
The fishing is good at this time of the year. Dat fischen is an diise johr tied gaut.