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Platt Tied

The very origins of our Verein are tied to a desire to keep alive, to the extent possible, the Low German (Ost Pommersch Plattdüütsch) language we lived with in our homes and community growing up.  This was evident in the card game Sheepshead (Schaupskopp or Schafskopf) where playing the game in Low German seems natural.  This interest has remained a constant in our club and continues to the present with a sub-group of our members, entitled Platt Tied, who meet monthly to speak, hear, and learn about Low German language and related stories.

Pine Ridge Restaurant, N Center Ave, Merrill, WI.  9:00 a.m.

The first Wednesday of the month beginning in September, alternating months through May.

This is a type of breakfast meeting with the program of the day.  Join in the fun of hearing, sharing, and learning some words in Platt (Low German) that were commonly used in our familiers and in casual conversations!  Your need not be able to speak or understand Low German but, we promise, you will have a pleasant hour of laughter and Gemütlichkeit.

Bull Falls Brewery, 901 E. Thomas St, Wausau, WI.  3:00 p.m.

The first Monday of the month beginning in October, alternating months through June.

This is a late afternoon session featuring beer/soda and pizza.  These sessions are open to anyone in our Verein or guests of our members who have an interest in the Low German language (Plattdüütsch) that our immigrant ancestors spoke.  While Plattdüütsch is the theme, the sessions are not intended to teach the language, they are more about the language and the culture surrounding it, therefore one does not need to be fluent in Low German to participate in the sessions, although anyone who is, is especially welcome to attend.  We invite any Verein members as well as newcomers who might have an interest. “Dit iss nu tied tum Platt snacken, komm doch”.

Current Platt Activities

Both sessions are currently focusing on expanding vocabulary and common phrases in Plattdüütsch (Low German).  The Merrill group is developing these items and listing them and including them in our newsletter.  The Wausau group is expanding their learning by using these and other words and phrases in a Platt Bingo game. Many attend both sessions.  Come and join one or both groups yourself for some fun and interesting exercises.

The Caller calls out the item in English, the group reaches consensus on the Low German equivalent and then participants check if their card contains that Low German word. From there it's like any other bingo game.  The participant puts the token on that word and on to the next one until someone achieves 5 across, up and down, diagona, or one in each of the 4 corners. Prizes are determined by the group before the game begins.  It's fun and educational at the same time!


Previous Language Activities:

Summer Phrases

Summer Phrases-English Summer Phrases-Platt Summer Phrases-Platt, Corrected
Summer is a good time of the year. Sommer iss een gaude Tied vom johr.  
Late in summer we go to the fair. Spoad im sommer goahe wi tum fair.  
Soon the haying begins again. Bald fingt dat högen wedder an.  
Many people will get married in June. Vääl lüüd warre in Juni verfriegt.  
My dog has fear when it thunders outside. Miine hund het angst wenn dat buten dunnerd.  
Years ago we went to church summer school. Frühe johr hevve wi noa kark sommer shoal hin gahn.  
I hate to pull the weeds out from the garden. Ik hass dat unkrut vom goade ut trecken.  
Many pretty flowers are beginning to bloom now. Vääl scheune blomen finge nu an tum blömen.  
The fishing is good at this time of the year. Dat fischen is an diise johr tied gaut.