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“SPRICHWORTER”  = Proverbs;  in PlattDeutsch (Low German)

In’n not fret de hund uk schmold.                   In time of need a dog will eat lard too.

Wenn di stanne nusht hett, dan hett di proaller uk nüsht.        When the complainer doesn’t have anything, neither does the braggert.

Wenn’t sünne shient up’n natte busch, gift bald wedder een hush.   When the sun shines on the wet bush, soon there’ll be another shower.

Spoatt na, de uul is u keen voagel.                Poke fun;  the owl is also a bird.

Eigen leew stinkt!                                           Self love stinks!

Iss keena pot so scheef dat keena dekle, too passt.   There is no pot so crooked that a cover won’t fit.

De appel fult ni witte vom stamm, so as dat schoap, iss uk dat lamm.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the stem; so as the sheep, also is the lamb.                  Or . . . .      so the lamb is also a sheep.

Recht schass du heffe, oawe muul shass du holle.     If you think you are right, you should hold your mouth shut.

Mit danke schoen un god’n day, keene si hund mit fuddere.      With a ‘Thank you” and “Good day”, you can feed a dog too.  I.e., . . .  I can’t live off a “Thank you”.

Smecht goot, kopp di uk wat.    Tastes good;  buy yourself some too.   Or . . .            You buy your own.