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Internet sites for doing German (and Pomeranian) genealogy           

These websites worked as of 03 March 2011.   They have been useful in my own research, but of course there are many more that can be found via Google or Cyndis List.


A brief history of Pomerania:    http://www.genemaas.net/Pommern.htm 

Federation of East European Family History Societies:  http://feefhs.org/dpl/pommern-home.html  

Die Pommerschen Leute  (The Pomeranian People):  The indices to immigrants’ genealogy and place names:  http://www.pomeranianews.com/dv_indices_intro.html

Die Pommerschen Leute , The newsletter   http://www.pomeranianews.com/   has the immigrant  genealogies submitted by subscribers.

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Pommerscher Verein Friestadt.  Pommerscher Verein Freistadt

Germanic Genealogy Society.  Germanic Genealogy Society

My Pomerania My Pomerania

Sacramento German Genealogy Society, Publishers of award-winning Der Blumenbaum.  Sacramento German Genealogy Society

Pomeranian Greif eV, Association for Family and Local History Research.   https://www.pommerscher-greif.de/


The  FEEHS (Federation of East European History Soc.) “Map Room”:     http://www.feefhs.org/maps/indexmap.html

Pomerania in relation to other states in the German Empire, 1870:     http://www.genemaas.net/images/germany-1870.JPG

An outline map of Pomerania in 1939:   http://hinterpommern.de/Karten/Pommern/kreise1939.html

For West Prussia (and Ost/East Prussia) and Schlesien (Silesia):     http://www.kartenmeister.com/preview/databaseuwe.asp
The maps are from the Ludwig Ravenstein series -- he (his company) made very detailed maps of the entire Prussian Empire for decades. The maps at the Kartenmeister site are from about 1905.

For locations anywhere in the German/Prussian Empire, try these sites:

      1883 Ravenstein map and gazetteer (place name index):          http://www.library.wisc.edu/etext/ravenstein/

The search works with either present-day (e.g. Polish) names or old German names. The map display is in present-day (Polish) terms.

[Note: if you are using "dial-up" for email and internet connections, then the maps and name indexes will take a long time to download, because each page is quite large.]

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Start with Cyndis List:      http://www.cyndislist.com/ships.htm