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Marathon County Wisconsin Church Records Survey Questionnaires were sent to all local churches to gather information about the kind of records they have, where they are kept, who may access the records, and whom to contact. The information from returned questionnaires was compiled and published in 1990 by the Genealogy Society.

German Methodist Circuit Rider records, 1861 - 1917, which included folks in northern Marathon County, plus (present-day) town of Corning, Lincoln County. There were churches at Taegesville (Town of Maine), in Town of Corning, and Town of Rib Falls. Only the Rib Falls church still exists. Translated from German and indexed. 

Lutheran Circuit Rider records, 1861 - 1897, included northern Marathon County and town of Corning, Lincoln County. Handwritten, in German. These records have been translated (as of April, 2009) and indexed. Subsequent churches in this area were/are: Emanuel Lutheran at Taegesville on Hwy A, Grace Lutheran at Taegesville, St. Pauls at Naugart, Trinity (”Dreieinigkeit”) on Hwy A about 1.75 miles east of Little Chicago, St. Peters in Town of Hamburg west of Little Chicago on Hwy A; and Trinity (“Dreifaltigkeit”) in NW corner of Town of Berlin, on Hwy FF, just east of Hwy 107. 

* See the Lutheran  and Methodist Circuit Rider records, mentioned above.
* St. Paul’s Lutheran, Naugart, Town of Berlin, 1876 – 1913. copies of originals, mostly in German.
* Trinity Lutheran, Town of Berlin, 1876 - 1969. (The “Dreifaltigkeit” church) Copies of originals, in German. This Trinity Church is in NW corner of Town of Berlin, section 6, on Hwy FF, just east of Hwy 107. 

* Salem Ev. Lutheran, Town of Hamburg, 1897 – 1929, Copies of originals, mostly in German. Church is gone; cemetery is on Hwy A, 4 miles west of Hwy 107, in section 33. 
* St. Peters Lutheran, Town of Hamburg, 1879 - 1940s. Located on Hwy A, about 2 miles west of Little Chicago (Hwy 107). Early years are handwritten, in German; later years in English. No index. Includes some records for the Trinity congregation on Hwy A in Town of Berlin. 
* St. John’s Lutheran Church, Town of Hamburg, A 125 Year History. . . 1867 – 1992. Located on Hwy F, 2 miles west of Hwy 107, in the Fromm farms area. It has transcribed lists (names and dates) of baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and deaths from 1898 to 1992. 

* Faith Lutheran, Town of Maine, 1872 - @ 1907 and: 
* Early Statistical Church Records of Zion / St John Lutheran Church, 1872 - @ 1907, Town of Maine, translated and indexed [Faith Lutheran is present name; was made by combining two congregations in Town of Maine.] It is just south of the Lincoln/Marathon County line, on Hwy. K/Old Hwy 51. 

* Rib Falls Methodist:  see the German Methodist Circuit Rider records mentioned above.
* Emanuel Ev. Lutheran, Town of Rib Falls, 1896 – 1942. Copies of original records. Church burned about 1942, merged w/ St. John’s of Stettin to form Zion Lutheran (on Hwy 107). Emanuel was in SW corner of section 12 by Weber and Uekert farms; the cemetery remains. 
* St. Paul Lutheran, town of Rib Falls, 1890 - 1920 Translated and indexed. [It was located north of Marathon, about 1 mile west of Hwy 107 on Hwy U.] 
* St. John Ev. Lutheran, Rib Falls, records from 1878 to 1953; Xeroxes of originals, mostly in German. St. John’s church is on the hill, in the village of Rib falls, on Hwy U just west of Hwy S. 

* St. John’s Ev. Lutheran, Town of Stettin, 1894 – 1943. Copies of originals, mostly in German. Church burned about 1943, merged with Emanuels of Town of Rib Falls and became Zion Lutheran. It was located in NW corner of section 8 of Stettin. The cemetery remains. 
* Trinity Lutheran, Town of Stettin, 1862 – 1951. Copies of original German records, and a translation and index. The originals are called “Book 1”, “Book 2A”, “Book 2B”, and “Book 3”. Trinity is in section 22 of Town of Stettin; building originally was across the road in section 21. 

* St. Matthews Lutheran, Village of Marathon, 1891 - 1920. Translated and indexed. 

* Zion Ev. Lutheran, Towns of Easton and Hewitt, 1897 – 1918; Copy of handwritten records, in German. It’s located on Star Road, @ ¼ mile south of County Hwy J in section 5, Town of Easton. Also, a translation of Zion’s records has been made. Name index is in progress. 

* Parish Register, Trinity and St. Peters Ev. Lutheran Churches, Town of Wausau, 1876 – 1914. In German. St. Peters is on 33rd St. in section 5 and Trinity is on 69th St. in section 15 of Town of Wausau. There is a translation by Rev. John Krueger, 2003, which is at Marathon County Genealogical Library. 
* St. Peter’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Town of Wausau, 1879 – 1920-24, in German. Same St. Peter’s as just above; this is “Book 2” * St Peter’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Town of Wausau, 1918 – 1948; a continuation of the book above (very large format; @ 11” X 15”). This is “Book 3" 

* St. Paul’s Lutheran, Town of Scott, 1886 (aprox) – 1947. Copies of original records, in German until 1917. Location: on Joe Snow Road, near the southwest corner of intersection with Snow Hill Road, NE corner of section 19. Its cemetery is on the NW corner of the intersection. 

PLUS: centennial / anniversary booklets and directories for other local churches.