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PVCW Member, Larry Lee Anklam, has done an extensive study and has researched the archives gathering information of local men who served in the Civil War.  Many of these men had just emigrated from Pomerania and had arrived in the United States with the intent to establish a new life, with freedom, when they were faced with more hardship.  Following is a listing of 40 of our ancestors from the Mother Township (Town of Berlin – Marathon County) who fought for the Union Cause during the Civil War:

Arndt, Ferdinand 1840-1888 
Aschbrenner, Frederick 1839-1935 
Baerwald, Charles 1841-1917 
Braatz, William 1831-1877 
Brunow, August 1819-1863 
Christian, Ernst 1827-1878 
Dannenfelser, John Jr. 1826-1865

Drost, William 1829-1882 
Ebert, William 1837-1928
Fenhaus, Casper 1841-1927
Fischer, William 1831-1908
Gliebkie, August 1837-1916
Hoff, August 1830-1910
Jahns, Samuel 1822-1913
Knorr, Edward 1843-1924
Krause, John 1822-1912
Krenz, Frederick 1830-1905
Kufahl, Charles 1832-1877
Kufahl, John 1837-1913
Miller, John 1837-1921
Muelling, Ernst 1820-1901
Mullendorf, Joseph 1834-1906
Nass, August 1839-1886
Nass, Edward 1842-1917
Neumann, Charles 1831-1896
Plautz, William 1842-1918
Plisch, Oswald 1842-1923
Prechel, August 1826-1893
Riemer, Charles 1826-1919
Ristow, Daniel 1820-1864
Rollenhagen, August 1836-1913
Rollenhagen, Fred 1836-1924
Seefeld, August 1837-1916
Staege, Charles 1820-1904
Steidtmann, William 1833-1900
Rohloff, Friedrich 1832-1916
Sabatke, John A. 1844-1863
Schmidt, Frederick 1841-1916
Trantow, Friedrich 1831- 1901
Woller, Gottlieb 1838-1902



PVCW member, Larry Anklam, is a Great Great Grandson of soldiers August Prechel and Charles Staege who fought in the Civil War.  Following is a listing of some interesting facts about some of these soldiers:



Brunow, August Woller, Augusta Gottlieb Woller
Christian, Ernst Trantow, Pauline Frederick Trantow
Fenhaus, Casper Aschbrenner, Mathilda Frederick Aschbrenner
Jahns, Samuel Krenz, Dorothea Frederick Krenz
Knorr, Edward Prechel, Johanna August Prechel
Mollendorf, Joseph Fischer, Louise William Fischer
Nass, Edward Rollenhagen, Friedericke Frederick Rollenhagen
Neuman, Charles Nass, Wilhelmina Edward Nass
Steidtmann, William Mollendorf, Maria Joseph Mollendof


William and Albertina Plautz 18 Children
William and Emelia Ebert 13 Children
Charles and Albertina Riemer 12 Children
John and Emilie Kufahl 10 children


Casper Fenhaus and Frederick Aschbrenner fought in the same cavalry regiment during the Civil War and became great friends.  Fenhaus, of Granville, WI, visited Aschbrenner shortly after the war and in due time married Fred’s sister, Mathilde, and thus became a lifelong citizen of Marathon County.

August Gliebtke of Milwaukee, WI came to the Town of Berlin directly after the war and worked as a farm hand for John Steffen.  After buying his own farm, he married Maria Heinz on November 8, 1866 at St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Town of Berlin.  He farmed until the year 1884, when he sold his farm and moved to the City of Wausau.



PVCW member, Larry Anklam, a great great-grandson of both August Prechel and Charles Staege , found some interesting facts about our Civil War soldier ancestors that resided in the Mother Town (Town of Berlin – Marathon County):

A. The first ancestors to join the service and leave their families and friends:
August Rollenhagen 1861  8th Wisconsin Infantry
William Plautz 1862 20th Wisconsin Infantry
John A. Sabatke 1862 20th Wisconsin Infantry

B. Ancestors who volunteered for 10 months of service time in late 1862:
(Nov. of 1862 through September 1863):
August Brunow, John Kufahl & Edward Knorr 34th Wisconsin Infantry

C. Five ancestors who fought with the Union cavalry during the war:
Fred Aschbrenner, Casper Fenhaus, Wm Steidtman, 1st Reg. Cav. Wis.
Charles Baerwald and Oswald Plisch, 4th Reg. Cav. Wis.

D. The last two Town of Berlin ancestors to join the service shortly before the war’s end, the spring of 1865:
August Seefeld and Fred Rollenhagen 53rd Wisconsin Infantry

E. Ancestors who came to the Town of Berlin directly after the close of the war in 1865:
William Braatz, Casper Fenhaus and August Gliebtke

F. Original ancestors who moved from the Town of Berlin after the close of the war:
Fred Aschbrenner to Stratford, Wisconsin
William Ebert to Merrill, WI  and then to Santa Crus, CA
Samuel Jahns to Crystal Lake, Marquette County, then to Princeton, WI and then to Cook County, Chicago, IL.
William Fischer to Lake County, South Dakota
John Miller to Neenah, WI
Joseph Mullendorf to Martin, North Dakota
August Rolenhagen to St. Louis County, MN, then to Milwaukee, WI and then to National Home for Veterans, Fox Lake, WI
Charles Reimer to Fairwater, WI Town of Fond du Lac
Frederich Schmidt to Marysville, Washington, and then Merrill, WI

G. The Youngest and oldest ancestors who fought in the Civil War:
John A. Sabatke     Joined at 18 years of age
August Brunow, Ernst Muelling, Daniel Ristow and Charles Staege were all 43 years of age when they entered service

H. Ancestors who are credited with being in the most battles and engagements during the war:
Fred Aschbrenner, Casper Fenhaus, Wm Steidtman, 1st Reg. Cav. Wis.

I. During the draft of September 22, 1864 twenty-four (24) of our ancestors entered service in the following regiments:
17th WI Infantry: Braatz, Christian, Dannenfelser, Jahns, C. Kufahl, Hoff, Miller, Neumann, Ristow, Reimer, Rohloff, Trantow, Arndt, Ebert and Schmidt.

3rd WI Infantry: Krause, Krenz, Muelling, E. Nass, Staege, Fischer & Woller

18th WI Infantry: Mollendorf

19th WI Infantry: Prechel

J. Ancestors who died while in service during the Civil War:
August Brunow Disease.  Milwaukee Hospital, Milw., WI in 1863
John Dannenfelser Jr. Disease.  De Camp General Hospital, Davids Island, N.Y. Harbor in 1865
Daniel Ristow Disease.  Near the Augechee River , Georgia, during Sherman’s March to the Sea in 1864
John A. Sabatke Disease.  General Hospital, New Orleans, LA in 1863

K.        Ancestors who later moved to Wausau and are buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Wausau:
Charles Baerwald, William Drost, Casper Fenhaus, August Gleibtke, John Kufahl, Edward Knorr, Oswald Plisch & Charles Staege.