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PVCW Member, Larry Lee Anklam, has done an extensive study and has researched the archives gathering information of local men who served in the Civil War.  Many of these men had just emigrated from Pomerania and had arrived in the United States with the intent to establish a new life, with freedom, when they were faced with more hardship.  Following is a listing of our PVCW members whose ancestors resided in the Mother Township (Town of Berlin – Marathon County) who fought for the Union Cause during the American Civil War (1861-1865):

Larry writes “I am proud to report that I personally know two ladies whose grandfathers were in the Civil War.  They are Norma Krenz whose grandfather was FRIEDERICH KRENZ (1830-1905) and Ella (Sue) PLISCH Keifer (non-member) whose grandfather was OSWALD PLISCH (1842-1923).”

The following PVCW members are direct descendents of these early Pomeranian pioneer/farmer/soldier Town of Berlin residents:
AUGUST BRUNOW (1819-1863) Elvira Saeger
CASPER FENHAUS (1841-1927) Donald Anklam, Joyce Brown
AUGUT HOFF (1830-1910) Robert “Bob” Hoff
SAMUEL JAHNS (1822-1913) Ray Jahns
FRIEDRICH KRENZ(1830-1904) Bill Krenz, Norma Krenz
CHARLES KUFAHL(1832-1877) Davie Radtke
EDWARD KNORR (1843-1924) Marlene Kort
JOSEPH MULLENDORF (1834-1906) Gary Zumann
AUGUST NASS (1839-1886) Bonnie Radtke, Bob Nass
WILLIAM PLAUTZ (1842-1918) Carol Duwe
AUGUST PRECHEL (1826-1893) Anklam, Leila Heise, Gilbert Koehler
AUGUST SEEFELD (1837-1916) Robert “Bob” Hoff
CHARLES STAEGE (1820-1904) Larry Anklam, Marlene Pruss, Tim Pruss, Elaine Oelke, LouAnn Zamzow, Michael Zamzow, Jayne Theo, Lorraine Wilde, Leila Heise 
FREDERICK TRANTOW (1831-1901) LouAnn Hoff, Suzanne Zastrow
GOTTLIEB WOLLER (1836-1902) Earl Woller, Jan Hanke, Maggie Becker, Eugene Woller, Gladys Zamzow, Amy Williamson

Larry states, “I believe there are many more names that I have either missed or members who did not come forward for this project.  Familiar surnames from our membership who may have a Civil War ancestor include the following veterans”:  

JOHN KRAUSE (1822-1912) FREDERICH SCHMIDT (1841-1916)
JOHN KUFAHL (1837-1913) FERDINAND ARNDT (1838-1888)

CARL NEUMANN (1831-1896) CHARLES REIMER (1826-1919)